Saturday, 12 January 2013

The Journey to  of Spain started many many years ago. When our children now aged 28 & 30 respectively were young.

We often used to think about moving to another country, but many issues held us back the most obvious being was what we would do for a living> With 2 young children, it was a scary thought to try and start again in a foreign country. We would spend months researching various countries in particular France and Spain, but then as the months went the interest would tail off and we would resort to normal living in the UK.
Life took over, the children did well at school, it seemed wrong to move them, my husband - a Self Employed wall and floor tiler who had his own business and we were managing.   We had set backs, as everyone does, the recession in the 90's hit us hard, we lost our house, but we continued onward and upwards and eventually ended up back on our feet again.

 Life carried on and we had up's and down's, The ups have included some fabulous holidays,  and when I sit here and reflect on what we have done in our lives to date its not too bad. We have managed to drag kicking and screaming two daughters into independent and beautiful women, who make us very proud with their work and life ethics. Like most parents we worry about our 2 girls, but we have discussed the move with them. There response it YEP go for it... cheap holidays!!!!!!!

I wish they could come with us but they have there own lives. Although I would have given anything to keep them little, so they would have to come,  as parents we understand the fact that they have outgrown us far quicker than we outgrew them. 

So if life in the UK is not too bad why  the decision to move now. Well I have always had high admiration for those who take the plunge especially those with young children, forging a new life in a strange place, trying to maintain stability for the family. I often think back to programs we used to watch on the T.V, in particular get a new life, no going back and of course the imitable Lee and Cheryl looking for a snail farm in Spain!!.
The original series can be found on U-Tube ,( If you know where they are now let me know!)

Lee & Cheryl 

Needless to say, neither my husband or I have any desire to run a snail farm, but the time has come to make a move in life.

So the reasons for moving are as follows

I work in the public sector (NHS)  and as such am in the fortunate position to be able to take early retirement with my pension. Although don't be fooled by the press and the headlines, trust me the average "gold plated" pension is about £5000pa not £69K pa -  I wish.

This decision has also come about because I do not trust either this government or any other government to mess with it again. My husband Blane has worked in the building industry all his adult life, he is now at a point where the knee's and back are not going to be able to continue in full time work. Mortgage has not got long to go so we sat and thought about our options.

 Option 1

Buy a small terrace house here in the UK. carry on working part time and carry on as now 


 Option 2

Do something different but what..

Well, said my husband why not rekindle that desire to  move to France or Spain, the same issues arise. what will we do, how will we live, where will we live and so on and so forth, but when it is just the two of you and you  have a guaranteed income, albeit basic its an easier decision.   Blane looked at the financial side, pension forecast etc etc  we then had some arguments, my first choice was France, Blane preferred Spain. Eventually we agreed on Spain.  It is a joint decision and one that we are both happy with;  At the time of writing this blog the world is in recession, and Spain is in a bad way, but the flip side to this is with the economy in Spain as it is, we can get more bricks for out money.  We will gain from someone else,s misfortune and that's not a nice feeling but not, to be perfectly honest, enough to stop us.  We have been on the receiving end of recession before and am totally aware of what it is like. 

Having told our daughters who are fully supportive, we have told parents. Mine live in Lincolnshire near my brother and family, Blanes' mum and brother live in London.  All have wished us well and we have had no negativity.  Although I am sure that my Mum & Dad think we are stark raving.  To be honest,  we do not have a wide circle of friends here in the UK.  However the ones that we do have, have been very supportive and completely with us, understanding out need for a new adventure, and yes this is an adventure a risky adventure, in the next 12  months we have to sell our house, decide what to do with our belongings, to store or not to store, arrange finances, maybe rent in the UK for a few months depending on how long it takes to sell the house. Sort out pet passports, oh yes the cats are coming!. Re-home our 4 chickens and charlie big bananas our cockerel.

I can say one thing for we are ready for an adventure, we would rather try and fail than fail to try.

I  have found 2 quotes which I think sums it up.

If you are not willing to risk the unusual, you will have to settle for the ordinary - Jim Rohn

It is better by noble boldness to run the risk of being the subject to hald the evils we anticipate than to remain in cowardly listlessness for dear of what might happen - Herodotus

I know that some think we are stupid,   these are usually people who do not understand why we are going, some think that the only reason for moving to a foreign country is for the sun and a better life, of course long hot summers are appealing, however anyone doing there research will tell you that, hot is Spain is HOT and when its cold its COLD and no the rain in Spain does not fall mainly on the plain.  But these folks have it wrong, we are not going for a better life, we are going for a different life, and who knows they may be proven right in the end, but I do know one thing, when we woke up on January 1st this year we both felt exhilarated  by the year ahead.

if you wait to do everything until you're sure it's right, you'll probably never do much of anything
Win Borden

Our attitude towards life determines life's attitude towards us
John N. Mitchell

This blog will not be a retrospective look at life after moving to Spain it is about how we got to this point .. OK some some retrospection  but also a chance for me to record how the process happens as it happens, the issues that arise and how we deal with them and then finally we can look back and see where and how we end up compared to where we started. I will provide links and support to anyone who needs it along the way. An on line diary I suppose.

I hope you will join in on our journey    

There are two mistakes once can make along the road to truth.. not going all the way and not not starting. Buddha

The next blog will contain references to using forums to find information and good reads about spain


  1. Will follow your progress with interest :-)

  2. thanks and welcome, it is going to make for an interesting year. Please jump in at any time with any information you have

  3. All well & good but.... what about the weekly Theatres dashboard?!!!

  4. Good luck with the move! I look forward to hearing about it.

  5. Looking forward to how it goes and maybe just maybe we'll see you on some of your researching visits over here.

    Nothing ventured, nothing gained. The first time we went back to UK it was so depressing to find friends/acquaintances sitting on the same bar stool in the same pub saying 'it's all right for day maybe.....' but they're still there saying the same things and they have never got up and done it.

    Good luck!